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Laser engraving machine maintenance knowledge

Mar 17,2023 | Atezr

During the use of the laser engraving machine, the window mirror is a very critical part, its function is to focus and reflect the laser light, so as to realize the functions of engraving and cutting. The cleaning and maintenance of the laser engraving machine is very important to ensure the normal operation of the machine and prolong its service life. The current problem is that the window mirror is often broken

Why does this happen?

As the wattage of the laser module increases, the output power increases, and the spot becomes thicker and thicker. As a result, the area of the laser spot becomes larger, and the focused and emitted laser often penetrates due to the dirt on the window mirror. The window mirror is broken, which means that the window mirror needs to withstand more energy and is vulnerable to damage. This is a normal phenomenon of modern high-wattage diode laser engraving machines.

The damage of the window mirror will not only affect the normal operation of the machine, but also cause more serious problems, such as damage to the laser tube and other key parts. Therefore, it is very important to clean and maintain the window mirror regularly.


In order to prolong the service life of the window mirror, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Use air assist: When using a high-power laser engraving machine, use air assist to effectively remove dirt from wood chips or other materials. The auxiliary cutting surface is more smooth and flat, and at the same time, the dirt particles inside the machine are guaranteed to be drained away.

2. Regularly clean the laser module: Regularly use alcohol to clean the dirt on the laser module. These particles can easily cause strong laser penetration and damage the window mirror.

3. Keep the machine clean: Keeping the machine clean is very important to prolong the life of the window mirror. Dust and dirt inside and outside the machine need to be cleaned frequently.

4. Regular replacement of window mirrors: Regular replacement of window mirrors is also the key to ensuring the long-term normal operation of the laser engraving machine. Depending on the frequency of use and laser power, a plan should be made to replace the window mirror.

Maintaining the window mirror of the laser engraving machine can improve the stability and service life of the laser engraving machine, and can also improve work efficiency and product quality.


Apr 19,2023
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Stephen Dow
Apr 18,2023
You say changing window mirrors is important maintenance.. but no instruction how to do that! Please give some instructions!
Mark Thomason
Apr 18,2023
So does Atezr sell replacement windows?