• Atezr V35 Plus 35W laser engeraver
    Atezr V35 Plus 35W
    Powerful and Precise
Aim for innovation, Retrieve your every thought!

We help customers realize every creative idea through technology, and every creative idea of customers encourages us to innovate all the time. Laser technology will bring happiness to all mankind. We believe everyone can realize a creative transformation with Atezr.

  • About us
    Obsessed with breakthroughs
    The wattage of laser engraving machines is constantly breaking through, from the first small breakthrough from 5W to 10W, 20W; from a simple home entertainment machine to a home-style DIY workshop creation. It greatly improves the cutting performance of the machine and breaks through the traditional electromechanical connection work to realize offline engraving.
  • What we do
    Committed to R&D
    We improved the area of the laser spot and reduced it to 0.08*0.06mm. In the process of breaking through the wattage, Atezr has been pursuing the advancement of laser module technology. Atezr achieves an upgrade in machine performance, breaks the traditional tedious assembly method of disassembling machine parts, and adopts one-piece installation, which greatly shortens the installation time.
100+ Materials to Engrave and Cut


  • "We received our ATEZR 35PLUS. We have engraved coasters on birch ply, lighthouse on slate, Brook Trout on a Pine Slab and cut out a multi-layer boats on craft paper."
  • "All worked Great. Very impressed with the detail achieved. My wife and I would definitely recommend this product."
  • "I've chosen the Atezr  after much research on various brands and models of diode lasers because I think it's the one that offers the best value for money. It arrived quickly, even before the time estimated by the tracking."
  • "Assembly was simple and quick. So far, I've only done a few cut tests on wood, but I can already say that I'm super impressed with the results, great machine."
  • "My Atezr L2 36W arrived a day ahead of the tracking estimate and was using it within two hours. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the quality of the output."  
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  • How to Assemble the Atezr P20 Plus Laser Engraving Machine?

    For details, please refer to the Assemble method of the Atezr's Machines in this video.👇

    How to assemble the Atezr P20 PLUS laser engraving machine?

  • How do I download Lightburn?
    You can click this Softwear download,
    But this APP requires payment to download.
  • What are some accessories that can be purchased to go with the P20 , V35 Plus and P10?
    F4 Honeycomb Working Table Panel
    AS Foldable Enclosure
    KR Rotary Roller 
    KE Extension Kit
    KR PRO Rotary Roller
    as Plus Enclosure
  • What are some accessories that can be purchased to go with the L2 24W and L2 36W?
    F4 Honeycomb Working Table Panel
    AS Foldable Enclosure
    KR Rotary Roller 
    KE-2 Extension Kit
    KR PRO Rotary Roller
    AS Plus Enclosure
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