Design Library


Welcome to Atezr's Design Library!

Atezr provides some engraving and cutting files for free. These files are partly from Atezr Design's original designs and partly from the Engraving and Cutting Files website. Being the best assistant for anyone who is engaged with Atezr is the main purpose we do this design library for.

Note that these files need to adjust the parameters according to the wattage of the machine and the materials used when creating. Atezr has reference parameters for machines with different wattages, which can be browsed in the material setting. The formats of the following files are not limited to DXF, Lightburn, SVG and other formats. After the files are downloaded, they can be put into relevant operating software such as Lightburn.

In addition, Atezr specially created a gift package of engraving and cutting files for New Customers. After the purchase is successfully placed, Atezr will send you a link in the order confirmation email.


Independence Day Earrings Instagram Photo Frame Father's Day Popup Card
Golden Retriever The Grinch Three-Piece Set  Christmas Countdown 
2022 World Cup  Santa's Letter  Giraffe
Xmas Tree Snowman  Animal Puzzle 
Mickey Love Happy New Year-2023  Rose Frame
Personalized Rose Puzzle Heart-16 things to do with you in 2023  Skeleton Rib Cage Heart With Rose 

Multilayer Corgi  2023 Rabbit  LOVE SIGN-1
LOVE SIGN-2  CLOCK  St Patrick's Day Glasses
Gnome Patrick's Day  Gnome with Beer-St Patrick's Day  
Santa Claus Stacked Turtle Color Engraving
Christmas Ornaments Santa Claus2 Color Butterfly
Black Cat Pavilion Butterfly
Classic Cars Stephenson's Rocket Monster Box
Halloween Characters 5 Key Chains Happy Halloween
Monster Key Holder Iron Man Coaster Toy Gun
Atezr Guitar One Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Halloween Lamp Box
Star Wars2 Styracosaurus Dinosaur Halloween Earings
Monster Earings Halloween Pumpkin Star Wars
Z R Halloween Lamp Box

If you have any other problems, please contact us by Email [email protected]. Or you can join Atezr FB Group, which has more relevant friends to discuss Laser Engraver.