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Atezr L2 24W Laser Engraver

Meet our enhanced Engraver Machine – faster, smarter, and more efficient. With upgraded speed and an innovative Power Failure Recovery feature, engraving on various materials has never been easier. Experience the next level of engraving with our upgraded model.

Engraving speed up to 54000MM/min

Shorten Production Time & Increase Work Efficiency


The engraving speed of Atezr L2 24W laser engraver can reach up to 540000mm/min (900mm/s), which can greatly improves productivity and reduces working time by 40-60%, maximizing your productivity to the fullest.

Resume Engraving with Power Failure Recovery

Reduce the Waste of Material and Continue your Projects

Revolutionize your engraving experience with Atezr`s advanced automatic power failure recovery system that remembers the engraving position and uses an algorithm to quickly locate and continue engraving from where it left off, achieving uninterrupted and efficient production. Which prevents work failures caused by unexpected power outages and eliminates material waste.

Z-Axis Automatically Sinks

Effortlessly cut different thicknesses.

Atezr`s automatic sinking cutting technology can improve the precision of cutting different materials. Atezr L2 24W laser engraver boasts a 30% increase in sinking depth compared to other brands with the same power. Get ready for increased productivity and consistent engraving quality without the need for manual adjustments.

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Performance Upgrade

Unleash Creativity with Atezr L2 24W Laser Engraver

What Do Atezr's Customers Say?

    This is a precision machine. It cuts quickly and accurately. It does so much better and deeper and very versatile. I'm glad he got t he hot box for all the smoke it makes, it needs it.


    This is a well-designed machine and simple to use. The 24W laser in my model is powerful enough to use for all kinds of projects.


    Definitely exceeded my expectations as I bought it for personal use only but it can handle way more than that. 


    I have used the Atezr L2 24W laser engraver for over an half year, I can do so much more. I love how much faster it is at engraving and that it can do more incredible detail. I've recently tried engraving a design onto a pumpkin with fantastic results. I can't wait to be able to get more accessories to be able to engrave more items.