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Atezr L2 24W NEW Generation Laser Engraver

Apr 17,2023 | prnewswire

Atezr, a pioneering and innovative brand in the laser engraving industry, is committed to pushing boundaries and driving innovation. Recently, Atezr launched a new line of powerful second-generation laser engraving machines, including 10W, 20W, and 35W models. These machines boast several technical advantages over their predecessors, the most notable of which is a significant speed improvement, with a maximum engraving speed of 54000 mm/min—more than three times faster than the previous generation—resulting in a 40–60% reduction in project completion times. Each model has a resume function that detects when the machine has experienced a loss of power and can continue where it left off when turned back on. These and other impressive features make Atezr's second-generation laser engravers the ideal choice for those wishing to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

The advanced optical axes and industrial rails seen in these newest machines result in a lifespan that is four times longer than previous iterations, which equates to about 180,000 movements in any direction. The LED display accurately identifies the laser module's power usage, making it easy to monitor during operation. Furthermore, second-generation Atezr machines come with a 4.3-inch movable touchscreen that allows users to manage settings, such as toggling the flame detector and adjusting the auto-focusing, in one place.


Many performance-enhancing functional features have been incorporated as well. The air-assisted automatic door opening has been added that results in smarter heat dissipation and more than threefold noise reduction compared to previous models. The machines' double-layer air filtration cover leads to better dispersal of dust and prevents debris from clogging up the workspace, while the laser preview function accurately positions the engraving material. Second-generation Atezr machines automatically adjust their focal length by lifting or lowering the laser module within a 10–40 mm range based on the detected material thickness, preventing blurry engravings and allowing for a 4 mm increase in cutting capacity. This increase represents an improvement of over 30% compared to other engraving machines of similar power.

Safety features of the second-generation Atezr laser engravers include a gyroscope capable of sloping protection, which stops the machine's operation when the angle between the X- and Y-planes and the horizontal Z-plane becomes greater than 15°–20°. Additionally, they have a flame detector that monitors the working area in real-time and prevents sparks from turning into flames by alerting the user.

source from PRNewswire


May 15,2023
Dear William, regarding your question, please contact and you will get an answer. If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! Have a nice day!
William Hunter
May 12,2023
When will the 36 w model be available and for how much? I need a machine pretty quickly. (7 to 10 days) Thank you, Bill