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How to replace the vulnerable components of laser engravers?

Apr 24,2023 | Sylvie

As we all know, checking and replacing the vulnerable components of laser engraving machines, such as window mirrors, belts, driver boards, and mainboards, is crucial because these parts are essential to the performance and longevity of the laser engraving machine.


Firstly, regularly replacing the window mirrors of laser engraving machines can ensure that the laser beam accurately focuses on the material being engraved to achieve the best engraving effect. If the window mirrors are contaminated or worn, they may affect the focusing ability of the laser beam, resulting in poor engraving effects.


Secondly, replacing the belts can ensure that the moving parts of the laser engraving machine run smoothly. If the belts become loose or broken, it may cause the moving parts of the laser engraving machine to move inaccurately, thereby affecting the accuracy and quality of the engraving.


Additionally, replacing the driver boards and mainboards can ensure that the laser engraving machine operates normally. Suppose these critical components fail or become damaged. In that case, they may have a negative impact on the overall performance of the laser engraving machine, and even cause the equipment to fail completely.


Therefore, it is crucial to regularly check and replace the vulnerable components of laser engraving machines, which can prolong the life of the equipment and ensure its normal operation. So, how should we replace the vulnerable components of the engraving machine?


Window Mirror

Replacement Steps:

  1. Remove the protective cover of the laser (Figure 1).

Figure 1


  1. Remove the air guide hood and pull out the air pipe (Figure 2).

Figure 2


  1. Unscrew the window mirror counterclockwise (Figure 3).

Figure 3


  1. Install the new window mirror (Figure 4).

Figure 4


  1. Install the air pipe and air guide hood (Figure 5)

Figure 5


  1. Install the protective cover, done! (Figure 6)

Figure 6


Please note that the screws that fix the protective cover and the air guide hood must be tightened, and the air pipe must be installed properly.


Timing Belt

Replacement Steps:

  1. Loosen the fixing screw of the passive wheel and remove the timing belt (Figure 7).

Figure 7


  1. Pass the timing belt through the timing wheel and the passive wheel, and install it in place (Figure 7, 8)

Figure 7&8


  1. Clamp the copper buckle of the timing belt into the corresponding slot (Figure 9), and then adjust the tightness of the timing belt to the appropriate position by adjusting the timing belt screw (Figure 10).

Figure 9&10


Driver Board

Replacement Steps:

  1. Disassemble the top cover of the laser, remove the air pipe, unplug the fan connection line, and remove the fan (Figure 11, 12).



Figure 11&12


  1. Unscrew the two fixing screws of the laser driver board, remove the driver board, and unplug the laser diode connection line (Figure 13, 14).


Figure 13&14


  1. Insert the prepared laser driver board into the laser, install the fan, fix the screws, and then install the air pipe and fan. Finally, cover the top of the laser, tighten the fixing screws, and complete the installation(Figure 15).

Figure 15


Please note that when installing, make sure to straighten the connection wires inside and do not compress the wires, which may cause damage to the laser. Additionally, when installing the fan, pay attention to the direction (with the label facing down).



Replacement Steps:

  1. Disconnect all the machine's wires and remove the control box's fixing screws (Figure 16).

Figure 16


  1. Unplug the mainboard connection line and remove the screw that fixes the mainboard inside the control box (Figure17).

Figure 17


  1. Replace the mainboard, install the fixing screws, plug in the mainboard connection line, and refer to the wiring diagram (Figure 18).

Figure 18


  1. Install the control box, connect the wires to the machine, and complete the replacement.


Please note that firstly, this operation must be carried out with the power off. Secondly, the mainboard connection line must be operated according to the wiring diagram to avoid other malfunctions.


In conclusion, regularly checking and replacing the vulnerable components of laser engraving machines have a significant impact on the performance, lifespan, and stability of the equipment. It is a necessary step to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and improve work efficiency. After reading the above explanation of the replacement steps, have you learned them?


Apr 26,2023
Thank you for choosing Atezr. We are committed to continuously improving our product quality and providing effective guidance and suggestions based on your valuable feedback. We are excited to announce that the Atezr Machine Parts kit will soon be available on our website. Thank you for your patience and support. Best regards, Atezr.
Dale Hardel
Apr 25,2023
Should I need any of these items are there part numbers for ordering each part? How do I know when replacement is required? Is there a list if symptoms that accompany each component if it has failed? Example: my laser is doing(or not doing) this so that means I should replace a certain part. Thank you!
Johnny L Miller
Apr 25,2023
Are these parts available on Atezrs website?
Glenn Castor
Apr 24,2023
Where do we order parts for our machines. I don't see a site that has replacement parts to irder from.
Linda Diesel order number 2316
Apr 24,2023
Very nice you put this article out. It is very informative. My main question is we’re do you get the parts we need? I purchased my 35 and it came with a very thin timing belt that is for the X track. I have gone several weeks of emails back and forth with customer service. I received a tracking number only to watch it sit at the airport waiting to be boarded. In my frustration I have spent another 300 dollars on a P5 to be here Thursday from Amazon. This is only for spare parts. Which is not saying much for your company. You guys can reimburse me for this purchase and will offer up a nice review. Otherwise after I get it up and running again I will be submitting a review. You guys should make every spare part available through your store on Amazon. That would make it easier to get the pieces we need a lot sooner and our orders can still go out when expected. As of now this delay on getting the parts I need has killed my business. The weddings will be going on without the items I had promised the bride. She will in turn give me a bad review. I didn’t pay you over $1600 and another $300 to be sitting waiting on the parts I need. Your company must do better or you will be Out of Business. Linda Diesel Not a very happy customer at the moment. I have also purchased my LightBurn key.
Gene Mohr
Apr 24,2023
This is great information , but it would be much more useful if you would also give us links on where we can purchase things like the window mirror.