Atezr P20 Plus 20W VS Atezr L2 24W: What’s the Difference?


In the laser engraving machine market, Atezr has always been a favorite amongst consumers for its innovative and efficient products. Atezr has released the new L2 24W Laser Engraver, an upgrade from the P20 Plus 20W, featuring noticeable improvements in both appearance and performance. So, what are the differences between these two products? Let's take a closer look.

Firstly, let's revisit the features of the P20 Plus 20W. This P20 Plus 20W laser engraver uses the most advanced spot compression technology based on physical optics and an innovative new laser coupling method, enabling it to cut 12mm black acrylic in one go. Additionally, the P20 Plus has a larger working area (430*430mm), allowing it to easily handle multiple projects simultaneously. If you're a beginner in laser engraving, we recommend the P20 Plus 20W.

However, if you are looking for a more advanced laser engraver, the Atezr L2 24W laser engraver may be the ideal choice for you. L2 24W not only has its appearance upgraded, but its performance is also significantly improved.

Atezr L2 24W laser engraving machine has five innovative technologies that surpass the P20 Plus in speed and functionality. First of all, its engraving speed is as high as 54000mm/min, far exceeding the P20 Plus, which greatly improves work efficiency. And it can cut 15mm wooden boards in one-pass. In addition, it has an automatic sinking function to ensure accuracy and quality.  More importantly, Atezr L2 24W laser engraver has a power-off recovery function during the cutting process, which can ensure the continuity of engraving work even if the power is cut off.

In guiding your decision, we want to underscore the key differences in these two machines. With a clear understanding of these distinctions, our goal is that our customers will feel confident in making a choice best suited to their requirements.

  Atezr P20 Plus 20W Laser Engraver Atezr L2 24W Laser Engraver
Engraving Size 430mm*430mm 410mm*410mm
Laser Electric Power 90W 130W
Engraving And Cutting Performance 15mm wood Cutting in One-PASS 20mm wood and 12mm acrylic one pass
Focusing Method Fixed focus lever without focusing Autofocus or Manual, and add Infrared Positioning

All in all, the Atezr L2 24W laser engraver offers significant improvements in speed, functionality, and ease of operation. If you are a professional user with high requirements for laser engraving, L2 24W is undoubtedly your ideal choice.