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Atezr V35 PLUS 35W Machine with KR PRO

Introducing the Atezr V35 Plus 35W Laser Engraver - the next iteration beyond the exceptional P20 Plus. This model includes the robust V35 Plus 35W machine and multi 4-in-1 Rotary Roller accessories, which enable you to fulfil all your engraving needs in one fell swoop.

35W Laser Module

High-strength cutting of various materials

The world's first 35W laser engraving machine – equipped with the latest 6-Chip 6W laser coupler technology, it can easily cut through 30mm thick Paulownia wood and 40mm thick black acrylic. Engraving directly onto mirror-finished stainless steel, ceramics, and glass is also possible, rivaling the effects of a 400W CO2 laser engraver.


Experience ultra-high speed that enhances your work efficiency

Compared to a 10W laser engraver, it improves the cutting speed by 200% and elevates the cutting depth by 150%.

Strong Cutting Ability

18-22mm paulownia board, 12mm black acrylic board

It's capable of cutting through 18-22mm Paulownia wood and a 12mm black acrylic sheet in one go. It can even slice through a 0.1mm stainless steel sheet. Unleash your creativity with unparalleled precision.

Air Assist

Keeps edges clean and smooth

By optimizing exhaust volume, lens pollution is minimized. As far as the functionality of the machine, the built-in air assist design is used to maximize the dissipation of hot smoke, reduce the temperature, and protect the laser head, making for cleaner and smoother cuts. The hose can maximize the working efficiency of air assist and avoid affecting the machine’s operation and the final product. Air assist can be adapted to 95% of the machines on the market.

Experience a more efficient laser engraving

Hear It from Atezr Customers

    This is my first time I’ve used a laser and what a great machine this is, it’s very stylish, looks great very easy to put together and as a first time user I found this easy to set up and understand how to use it, it’s very sturdy, the quality is excellent and the great thing is you can use it anywhere, worth every penny.


    Definitely exceeded my expectations as I bought it for personal use only but it can handle way more than that


    This Atezr V35 Plus 35W laser engraver so far is very easy to use. The quality is great. It is beginners friendly compared to others out there. Yeah it is well worth it.