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Engraving speed up to 54000mm/min

The engraving speed of Atezr L2 can reach up to 540000mm/min (900mm/s), which can greatly improves productivity and reduces working time by 40-60%, maximizing your productivity to the fullest.

Double compression spot laser power is 20~24W

Advanced laser coupling technology, 4*6W diode laser, compressed into a super 24W laser beam. This powerful laser can penetrate over 100 materials and even cut through 40mm black acrylic with ease. 


Revolutionize your engraving experience with Atezr`s advanced automatic power failure recovery system that remembers the engraving position and uses an algorithm to quickly locate and continue engraving from where it left off, achieving uninterrupted and efficient production. Which prevents work failures caused by unexpected power outages and eliminates material waste.

Enhance your efficiency with Atezr laser engraver

What do Atezr's Customers Say?

    I have been doing laser engraving for a long time; however, I have been doing smaller engravings with a smaller laser platform. I found this one with really nice specs and a good size, and I had to get one of these. I was not disappointed; this one is nice. I have engraved on sheet metal, steel, and silver medallions, and soft and hardwood, and all of these materials have been engraved.

    Richard Kissick

    As a photography enthusiast, I do my best to capture the appearance of animals I've photographed and portray them using a laser engraver, which is an incredibly magical experience. I chose the Atezr L2 24W engraver for its design and speed which I find very appealing.

    Laura P
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    The operation is very simple. It took me less than an hour to assemble it and I was able to use it immediately. The experience was very good. I highly recommend the Atezr L2 24W laser engraver.


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